Boxing Reformer T-Shirt

We are incredibly proud to announce the pre-sale launch of our first piece of apparel.  The Boxing Reformer series has been teased on Instagram for the last few months and the time has come to see if our concept has any legs.

We've teamed up with a stellar printing company to create these high quality, poly-cotton, super soft, screen printed tees featuring John Calvin, Martin Luther, and Charles Spurgeon.

We're taking pre-orders now (gauging interest) so that we can keep our prices ridiculously low.  All shirts are being sold for $15 a piece (+ shipping and handling), which we hope will help us grow the brand.  We're well aware that this is a low price.  We didn't skimp on quality... truth is we're not going to make much back on this, but we're more about the gear and ultimately spreading more glory to God.  Take that every other t-shirt company!



Old dead guys, reformed theology, a graphic artist and a cranky young pastor.

Moth and Rust is the brainchild of Michael Foster (animator and artist) and Matthew Carpenter (pastor and writer).  Together this degenerate duo created M&R as an overflow of their passion for Jesus, great theology that celebrates Him, and graphic art that is informed by His majesty.  

We are committed, with the life and talents that God has given us, to leave the biggest mark for Jesus that we can. He is our King and the drawings we create as well as the men (and possibly women) we celebrate here are all for and all about Jesus.  We depict these men, not in worship of them or in dogmatic devotion to their doctrine, but as examples of faithfulness to our Sovereign God.

Moth and Rust was born out of a small church in New Jersey (don’t hold that against us).  Together we hope to share our journey, and a number of resources that we’re privileged to create, with a community of people who believe that all creations should shout the glory of God (including notebooks, mugs, tumblers, apparel, and whatever else our addled minds can conjure).

The ultimate goal of Moth and Rust is to bring new life to the world of Reformed thought and theology.  No new ideas here, just original design and some Spirit fueled passion to make a difference in the world and in the church.

Truth be told, all credit and glory go to God for the formation of this company and if we can elevate His Name in even the slightest of ways then all the blood, sweat, and tears we’re putting in to Moth and Rust will have been worth it.

For King and Kingdom we are Moth and Rust



a cranky young pastor and a graphic artist.


Matthew carpenter

Matthew is a believer in Jesus Christ as Sovereign Lord and Ruling King.  Matthew is the Pastor of Franklin Lakes Baptist Church and has frequently been called the crankiest young person in existence (although he’s getting older now).  With his obsession for good books, his vintage sarcasm, and his strange and overactive mind Matt brings his heart for the church and His passion for the glory of God alone to Moth and Rust.  We’d tell you more about Matt… but it may increase his crankiness..


michael K. Foster

Michael is a believer in Jesus Christ as Sovereign Lord and Ruling King.  With over 25 years experience as an animator and graphic designer Michael brings his unique design and even more unique personality (the weirdo) to Moth and Rust.  We’d tell you more about Michael… but he doesn’t like talking about himself.



Mark is a believer in Jesus Christ as Sovereign Lord and Ruling King.  Trained in the school of gentle knocks Mark has a tender heart and an intense passion for helping young people follow and fall deeply in love with Jesus.  Mark is a self-proclaimed Viking (more in the singing and dancing sense than anything else) with a fiery red beard and a personality to match.  We'd tell you more about Mark... but his heritage makes him prone to plunder, Lord I feel it.



The following resources are the original creations of Moth and Rust.  We made them for you to use so don’t steal them.  Why would you steal your own stuff?  It just doesn’t make sense.

We hope that our resources are a blessing and that they will lead you to make much of Jesus.  Seriously though, don’t steal your own stuff.  I mean, come on.  Plus thieves smell funny (slight joke at the expense of our essential oils people… sorry).  If you’d like to reproduce something from Moth & Rust just let us know.  Resources are meant to be used.



by Julie Carpenter

Notes From My side
Inner-Monologue from the woman behind the man behind the pulpit.

Wife, mom of 4, and unsure about publishing her thoughts for the entire world to see... but willing to share her heart in the hopes of being a blessing.

Notes From Her Side is a collection of musings from some of our behind the scenes M&R team.  These serve a dual purpose.  For our ladies, this is meant to bless and serve as an encouragement for all who work and minister alongside your church and/or your spouse.  For the men… fellas… we all need a little perspective and very often there is wisdom that pours from the heart of our women.





by Matthew carpenter

Basic Jesus - Part One
Jesus - because it's all about Jesus!

“I want to share the gospel but my friends have too many questions and I don’t know where to start.”  “I’d give them a book but no one reads anymore.”  “Sure I would invite my friends to a small group Bible Study but they aren’t going to commit to 12 weeks.”  

We hear you!!!  Basic Jesus is a introductory Bible Study that takes each of these issues into account.  The biggest questions should always come first and there is no question bigger than who is Jesus.  This 4 part study will walk you through the most essential and yet basic questions about our King Jesus.  Each part is combined with a few questions to help and get the conversational ball rolling.  Let us know what you think… we have part 2-4 on the way and we’re waiting to hear what your thoughts are before we write more (ie. Basic Bible: OT; Basic Bible: NT; Basic Religion (World Religion); Basic Church; Basic Christianity).





by Julie Carpenter

Faith & Works
A study in the book of James.

The James Study is another resource written from the ladies of M&R (although the men might have had something to do with the edit).  This study will take you through the book of James with simple and compelling writing that challenges the reader to take the study to the next level.  The required reading is minimal but the reward, we think, is well worth the time.






Permissions: Churches are permitted and encouraged to reproduce and distribute this material provided that you do not alter it in any way, use the material in its entirety, and do not charge a fee beyond the cost of reproduction.  Individuals may use our stuff too (with the same above instructions)… just let us know and we’ll give you permission.

For web posting, a link to the media on our website is preferred. Any exceptions to the above must be approved by Moth and Rust.

Tattoos... just send us a picture and tag us on Instagram! 

Please include the following statement on any distributed copy: By Moth and Rust © Michael Foster & Matthew Carpenter. Website: