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Moth and Rust
Purveyors of Earthly Treasure

Moth & Rust

Reformed Theology, a Graphic Artist,
a Cranky Pastor & a Bearded Viking

Michael Foster

Michael K. Foster

Michael is a believer in Jesus Christ as Sovereign Lord and Ruling King.  With over 25 years experience as an animator and graphic designer Michael brings his unique design and even more unique personality (the weirdo) to Moth and Rust.  We’d tell you more about Michael… but he doesn’t like talking about himself.

Matthew Carpenter

Matthew is a believer in Jesus Christ as Sovereign Lord and Ruling King.  Matthew is the Pastor of Franklin Lakes Baptist Church and has frequently been called the crankiest young person in existence (although he’s getting older now).  With his obsession for good books, his vintage sarcasm, and his strange and overactive mind Matt brings his heart for the church and His passion for the glory of God alone to Moth and Rust.  We’d tell you more about Matt… but it may increase his crankiness.

Mark Horn

Mark is a believer in Jesus Christ as Sovereign Lord and Ruling King.  Trained in the school of gentle knocks Mark has a tender heart and an intense passion for helping young people follow and fall deeply in love with Jesus.  Mark is a self-proclaimed Viking (more in the singing and dancing sense than anything else) with a fiery red beard and a personality to match.  We’d tell you more about Mark... but his heritage makes him prone to plunder, Lord I feel it.

(in case you were curious)

Moth & Rust is the brainchild of Michael Foster (Animator & Artist) & Matthew Carpenter (Pastor & Writer).  Together this degenerate duo created M&R as an overflow of their passion for Jesus, great theology that celebrates Him & graphic art that is informed by His majesty.

We are committed, with the life & the talents that God has give us, to leave the biggest mark for Jesus that we can. He is our King & the drawings we create as well as the men (& women) we celebrate here are all for and all about Jesus.  We depict these people, not in the worship of them or in dogmatic devotion to the doctrine they taught, but as examples of faithfulness to our Sovereign God.

Moth & Rust was born out of a small church in New Jersey (don’t hold that against us).  Together we hope to share our journey & a number of resources that we’re privileged to create, with a community of people who believe that all creation should shout the glory of God (including notebooks, mugs, tumblers, apparel, & whatever else our addled minds can conjure).

The ultimate goal of Moth & Rust is to bring new life to the world of reformed thought & theology.
No new ideas here, just original design and some spirit fueled passion to make a difference in the world & in the church.

Truth be told, all creat & glory go to God for the formation of this company & if we can elevate His Name in even the slightest of ways then all the blood, sweat, & tears we’re putting in to Moth & Rust will have been worth it.