Paper cuts for jesus


to say we're obsessed with tiny notebooks, would be an understatement.

Our Paper Cuts For Jesus series is an incredibly special, one-time only series.  We’re hand-making 25 mini pocket notepad bundles (3” x 5”) consisting of the “Peeking Reformers” series (Luther, Calvin, and Spurgeon).   These notepads are handmade with blank pages inside and we’ve suffered more than a few paper cuts to make them.

The reason we’re selling 25 is so that we can move on to phase 2 with our Moth and Rust products… bigger and better things (done professionally). After 25 we’re shutting down this release and all those who bought in will get our first major printing project shipped to them (as a thank you) for free. 

3 pack sells for $20 - all the proceeds go right back in to M&R - more stuff on the way.